It is a man’s desire to have a penis that stays enhanced for long so that sexual encounters are prolonged and fulfilling. To make your desire come true, Louis 16 Lasting Liquid Delay Spray for male might be used before love making. A single dose is enough to give you an erection that is firm and staying power of even 30 minutes.

  • Helps to enlarge penis, boost your sexual desire, and  prolong premature ejaculation  for more fulfilling with your  partner into a joyful lovemaking!
  • Made in an organic product and no bad side effects, safe to use.

How to use?

  • Lous 16 Delay spray is available in 10 ml.
  • Spray from Head to Shaft of your penis, gently massage until it will  absorb  on your skin, for more fun let your partner will massage it.
  • Just in 10 minutes feel the hardness of your penis .The spray contains herbal ingredients that helps in relaxing the spongy corpora cavernosa tissue present in human penis enabling more blood flow.
  • As your manhood stays relaxed, it remains firm and enlarged for longer periods that will turn blissful love making!
  • Effect will last 20-30 minutes of fun filled action!

A single spray is enough to give you a hardened manhood and intense sexual stamina. A vial of 10ml could be sprayed 40 times.