Doc Johnson Spanish Fly – Sex Liquid Vanilla


Always thought you don’t have enough sexual desire and passion to quench the urges of yourself or your partner? Never been proud of yourself as you take your partner to the world of orgasm? Don’t fret, as everything can be done in simple steps! Doc Johnson Novelties brings to you Spanish Fly Drops-Coffee for boosting your sexual energy for longer and more satisfying session of lovemaking.

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Made In The USA by Doc Johnson!

Spanish Fly unleash her passion. Spanish fly, long known as the ultimate female libido enhancer and female orgasm enhancer, Spanish fly is the famous standard  in female arouser and better orgasms. This is a powerful and effective alternative and can greatly increase desire, enhance female libido and sexual response and significantly heighten female orgasm. Women report of overwhelming urge and greatly increase stamina, desire and sensation. Its concentrated just a few drops in her drink is all you need. Best of all this product is USA Made thirty ml (20 servings)

  • Vanilla  Flavor 1Fl.oz. (29.57ml)
  • Stimulating liquid for exciting and enhanced pleasures
  • Experience the rush of insatiability
  • Brand: Doc Johnson