Doc Johnson Lick Me Licker Luscious Strawberry Sex Oral Gel


Again, this shouldn’t be used as a lubricant by any means. As a gel for the rest of your body though, it can be kinda fun, if you enjoy the taste.

Once you put the product on your skin, it will stay there, moist for quite a while. If you rub it, it takes about 2 minutes to dry. If you leave it on your skin, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry.

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Lick Me Licker Luscious Strawberry

Want to add a little flavor to the bedroom? Introducing Lick Me Licker Tasty Gel. Try Doc Johnson’s Lick me Licker Tasty Gel. 1oz. Luscious Strawberry, j ust spread it on and lick it off! These tasty treats are water-based and will never leave you feeling sticky. Proudly made in America.

• Enhances Oral Pleasure
• Delicious Fruit Flavors
• Silky Water – Based Gel Formula
• Can Be Used As Glide
• Water – Soluble
• Vegan Friendly
• Body – Safe
• Proudly Made in America