Adam and Eve Personal Lubricant 4oz

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It’s easy to use A&E Personal Lubricant. Start with a dab and apply more as needed.

Try using Adam & Eve Personal Lubricant for masturbation and foreplay to keep his penis and her clit and vagina safe from abrasion –– and ready for more sexual activity!

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Super – slippery Adam & Eve Personal Lubricant provides slick strokes in a water – soluble, condom – compatible formula you’ll love. It protects sensitive skin at the same time. You can use this lube safely with all types of adult toys, condoms, and other items

About the product
  • Water based
  • Slippery and smooth for long-lasting pleasure
  • Safe for toys and latex compatible
  • Adam & Eve Personal Lubricant imported from USA,
  • For sensual lubricant and pleasure
  • Protects sensitive areas of your body
  • Water-based
  • Protects sensitives areas of your body
  • Water-based,
  • Light & Slippery formulation
  • Silky – smooth feel
  • Never sticky or tracky
  • Easy Clean up
  • Safe for all sex toys
  • Latex Compatible.
  • Great for stroker and masturbator sleeves. 118ml